Extreme Accuracy Bench Rest & PRS Rifle Package

Bolt Action Competition Rifles

  • 7 Point Accuracy & Safety Evaluation**  

  • Long Range Hunting Rifle Accuracy Package (pls see the Hunting Rifles  page)

  • Blueprinting the Action

  • Sleeving the Bolt to Minimize Play

  • Threading, Chambering, Crowning and Installing a New Barrel or Setting Back the Existing Barrel

  • Truing the Bolt Face & Bushing the Firing Pin Hole

  • Bedding the Scope Rings & Remounting the Scope 

**7 Point Accuracy & Safety Evaluation

  1. General Mechanical Condition    
  2. Head Space & Bore Scope Chamber, Bore and Crown  
  3. Action Operation & Firing Pin Fit/Travel  
  4. Bolt Fit & Lug Contact  
  5. Stock  Fit and & Bedding Stress   
  6. Trigger Settings & General Operation  
  7. Scope Mounting, Tracking and Ring Alignment