Accuracy Vs Precision in Long Guns


The perfect Precision Rifle can be defined as one that, in the absence of external influences (weather, operator, variations in ammunition, etc.) will deliver a bullet to the same spot on the target every time at any distance.

Since there are not many perfect rifles out there, we generally define a nearly perfect rifle as one that will deliver shot groups ranging in size from a fraction of an inch at 100yds to just a few inches at 1000yds, consistently.


Accuracy is the operator's ability to consistently place a shot group on the target at a desired location (usually the bullseye or "kill zone") despite varying external influences (distance to target, weather, variations in ammunition, etc.).

The terms Accuracy and Precision are often used interchangeably by the shooting public, so on this site we often use the terms "accuracy" and "accurizing", but all of our services are really about improving Precision.

The Secret to Creating a Nearly Perfect Precision Long Gun

To create a nearly perfect Precision Rifle the Great Guns Armory (GGA) gunsmith/builder will minimize the vibration that occurs when a cartridge is fired by making the rifle as rigid as possible.

Where parts of the gun must move and/or flex in order for the gun to function the GGA gunsmith ensures that the gun moves or flexes as consistently as possible. 

Creating a nearly perfect Precision Rifle is time consuming and therefore expensive. It is the GGA gunsmith's responsibility to ensure that the level of precision bestowed on each firearm matches its intended use as well as, to some degree, the abilities and budget of the operator.

For example, a heavy bench rest target rifle capable of reasonable groups at 1200yds plus would be a poor choice for the average long range hunter who may need to transport the rifle vast distances on foot.

Here at Great Guns Armory we are absolutely committed to building or accurizing log guns that deliver precision and value exactly matched to their intended use.